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Shade Net
Shade Net
Shade Net

Introduction of Shade Net

● Product Name:

Shade net,Hdpe shade netting,Agricultural shade net, Sunshade net, Sun shade net,Prevent bask net.

● Description of Shade Net:

1). Sunshade net Material: HDPE, PE.

2). UV protection for at least five years.

3). Available in different weight: 80, 100, 120, 150, 185, 280, 320, 340gsm.

4). Different colors available.

5). Max. Width: 4m.

6). Shading rated: 50, 60, 70, and 80%.

7). Energy saving: 15, 20, 25, and 30%.

● Feature of Shade Net:

1). Fastness and durability: black net made of strong monofilament yarns can effectively keep the vermin away outside and abates the fierce of hail and downpour. It is a kind of more economic and practical product.

2). Long usage: the additives imported from abroad display the functions of anti-contraction, anti-UV, anti-brittleness, etc; besides, the applied UV stabilizers are resistant to both acidic and alkaline chemicals.

3). Cooling/heating: cooling by 3 - 5°C effectively in hot summer and reducing heat radiation from greenhouse in winter.

4). So the night frost damage will be limited to a minimum.

5). Folding style, simple operation: the strong filament yarns used to connect PEN F, give it a long usage lifespan, when being folded up, PEN F takes up little space.

● Advantage of Shade Net:

1). Floriculture, Indoor Plants, Fruit Plants, Tea, Coffee, Caradamon, Peper, Spices, Vegetable nursery, Forest nursery stock, Cattle shed, Fish ponds, Poultry farming, wells, General purpose shading.

2). Drying of Agroproducts, As a wind braker and during building construction, safety net, guard net, carport, awning, construction net.

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