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PP Wave Fiber
PP Wave Fiber
PP Wave Fiber
PP Wave Fiber
PP Wave Fiber

Introduction of PP Wave Fiber

● Product Name: resemble-steel fiber, Polypropylene wave/curve fiber, Polypropylene engineered fiber,Polypropylene concrete reinforcement fiber,Polypropylene construction fiber.

● Delivery & Payment:

● Packing: 1KG/ 1 polybag, 20 KGS/ white wovenbag.

● Delivery Date:Within 10 days after receiving payment.

● Payment: T/T, L/C.

● Introduction of PP wave fiber:

Polypropylene wave fiber is developed as steel fiber alternatives, taking into account some of the characteristics of synthetic fibers. Compared with the corrosion resistance of steel fiber, Polypropylene wave fiber is easily dispersed, easy for construction and cause no damage to mixing equipment. The product is made from synthetic resin through a special processing and surface treatment, with a handful of advantages like high breaking strength, good dispersion in the concrete, strong gripping power, to replace steel fibers and be used in cement concrete, to overcome the drawbacks such as concrete low tensile strength, small ultimate elongation and brittleness and own characteristics such as tensile, shear, crack resistance, fatigue resistance, high toughness and other properties, leading to application in buildings, roads, bridges, and hydraulic engineering.

● Functions of PP wave fiber:

1.Effectively reduce risk of concrete cracks, and improve the concrete tensile, bending, bending strength.

2. Reduce the damage in an earthquake and other natural disaster.

3. Reduce concrete's inherent fatal flaw and improve the impermeability of concrete.

4. Protect steel from corrosion and improve the durability of the concrete structure.

5. Increase the wear resistance of concrete.

6. Cause no wear or tear to mixing equipment.

7. Prevent damage to the tire, for the road project.

● Applications of Resemble-steel Fiber:

1. High tensile and bending strength allows organic resemble-steel fiber to apply to support engineering like culverts supporting, mountain slope project.

2. High crack resistance enables organic resemble-steel fiber to be used in basement seepage. Reservoir and low pressure water pipelines and other projects.

3. High impact and abrasion resistance, enables organic resemble-steel fiber to be used in high speed water flow parts such as spillway and sluice bottom in the Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering.

4. By using synthetic resin and featuring characteristics of steel fiber, organic resemble-steel fiber is more preferable for concrete works in seawater corrosive environment.

5. Performances such as high tensile strength, fracture toughness and fatigue resistance allows organic resemble-steel fiber to be used to withstand the dynamic loads, such as roads, railways, bridges and other projects.

● Operation Instructions for Resemble-steel Fiber:

1. Dosage: It's recommended to use 0.3% -0.9%volume content for crack-resisting resemble-steel fiber, means 3KG-9KG per cubic meter in concrete.

2. Length: 30mm-50mm anti-crack enhancements in general and 20mm-30mm for to the sprayed concrete.

3. Mixture ratio design: Normally, it's not necessary to change concrete grade mix parameters, (refer to the "resemble-steel fiber concrete structures and construction specifications) CECS38: 92, for special application design can be determined by test. Given that tiny crack could occur to concrete due to contraction, drying shrinkage, temperature changes and other factors, incorporation of 1KG monofilament microfiber would be better.

4. Mixer selection: It's recommended to use double horizontal shaft forced mixer.

5. Feeding process: First gravel, then resemble-steel fiber, and then sand to stir for two minutes, until the resemble-steel fiber is fully open, and then put cement and water for evenly mixing. Sequences for conventional technology could be followed, but mixing time should be extended appropriately to ensure the fibers to be uniformly dispersed.

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