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Double Color Jacquard Carpet
Double Color Jacquard Carpet
Double Color Jacquard Carpet
Double Color Jacquard Carpet

Introduction of Double Color Jacquard Carpet

● Product Name:

Double color jacquard carpet

Corridor carpet/Broadloom carpet

Nonwoven carpet/Polyester carpet

Needle punched carpet

Hotel carpet/Exhibition carpet/fair carpet.

● Specification:

Materials: polyester fibers

Weight: 450g/m²-650g/m²

Thickness: 4mm-6mm

Width: 1m-4m, or as required by customers

Length: 30m-50m, or as required by customers

Color: red, black & red, white, blue (sky blue, dark blue, light blue, sapphire) blue-gray, green (grass green, dark green, apple green), yellow, purple, brown, black, smoky gray, light gray, camel, camel white, coffee, and a variety of mixed colors. The color of the fiber determines the fineness of the effect of the carpet.

Pattern: double color and complete whole pattern as provided by customers.

Production Ability: 10000㎡/day

● Delivery & Payment:

Packing: roll, outer PE plastic membrane or woven fabric

Delivery Date: 1*40HQ, within 10 days after receiving payment

MOQ: 1*40HQ

Payment: T/T

● Production process of double color jacquard carpet:

As one kind of non-woven carpet, double color jacquard carpet is made from polyester or polypropylene fiber by processes such as paving into network, needle-punching, re-stitching carpets of different colors together and pulling stripe into different patterns, to make a standout pattern with sharp color. Matte formed by pulling stripe will be covered by a coating on the back side, dried and formed, as well as cut in the edge before being rolled in a coil package. Quality requirement is clear and sharp color for carpet pattern. The double color jacquard carpet is widely used in India and Pakistan.

● Advantages of double color jacquard carpet:


In the winter, by isolating the cold ground, carpet provides insulating effect to create a warm and comfortable environment for you.


Double color jacquard carpet provides a solid and stable foundation and slid-proof surface, reducing risk of slipping and falling, and lowering the chance of injury from slipping into a soft surface if any. Especially for families consisting of children and/or elderly, the safety function of this carpet seems quite obvious.


Double color carpet comes in different colors and textures to allow users to decorate the space, change the atmosphere and reflect the personality and taste, according to their own preferences.


With a sound-absorbing structure, double color jacquard carpet provides us with a quiet environment by reducing or absorbing noise effectively.

Air purification:

By absorbing dust and bacteria in the air, double color jacquard carpet reduces the dust flow, purifies indoor air and improves indoor air quality.

Easy Pavement:

Teamed with matching home furnishing products to eliminate dullness and deliver regularly updated indoor environment style, double color jacquard carpet is easily replaceable.

● Applications of double color jacquard carpet:

Double color jacquard carpet is mainly used for hotel, temple, mosque or church etc.

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