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Cellulose Fiber for Concrete
Cellulose Fiber for Concrete
Cellulose Fiber for Concrete
Cellulose Fiber for Concrete
Cellulose Fiber for Concrete

Cellulose Fiber for Concrete

● Product Name:

Cellulose fiber for concrete

Cellulose engineered fiber

Cellulose concrete reinforcement fiber

Cellulose construction fiber


Delivery Date: Within 10 days after receiving payment.

Payment terms: T/T, L/C.

● Dosage of cellulose fiber for concrete:

In general, the amount of 0.6-1kg / m³ for pigment slurry or mortar and fiber reinforced cement flat slab, Bova, (typical dosage is 0.6kg / m³) ; while the dosage of 0.6-1.9kg / m³ for concrete, (typical dosage is 0.9kg / m³).

● Introduction of cellulose fiber for concrete:

The cellulose fiber is a special fiber for concrete, described as third-generation concrete fiber in engineering sector, developed following chemical synthetic fiber.

This cellulose fiber for concrete is made from particular plant species in alpine region, by a unique chemical treatment and mechanical processing, with its own natural hydrophilic and characteristics of high strength high modulus, as well as strong gripping power on surface due to the case of plant cells' natural split growth, rather than artificial one. In subsequent processing, the fiber is made into flaky monomers by use of special material, to facilitate transportation and handling of the fiber. Dipped into water and affected by friction from mixer, the flaky monmer is easily dispersed as monofilament fiber, leading to crack resistance, effectively improve the mechanical properties, freeze-thaw resistance and impermeability of concrete.

● Operation instructions for cellulose fiber for concrete:

1. Mixture ratio design: as per national or industry standards of ordinary concrete mixture ratio design, cellulose fiber is taken as the external part, into mixture of fiber concrete according to the designed dosage, concrete mixture ration doesn't need adjusting. Mix on construction site, batching plant.

2. Principles below should be followed for fiber concrete mixing:

1) The fiber should be added together with the coarse aggregate.

2) It's recommended that the mixing time is extended by 40-60S on contrast to ordinary concrete.

● Transportation, pouring and curing for cellulose fiber for concrete:

1. Same transportation as to ordinary concrete:

2. Same pouring as to ordinary concrete;

3. Same curing as to ordinary concrete, for special projects and building, provisions of the relevant specification should be followed. For use of cellulose fiber for concrete, with unchanged concrete mix ratio or on-site construction process, it's easy to play with; the Company will provide timely and accurate technical support, according to the actual use on site.

● Applications of cellulose fibers for concrete:

1. Hydraulic projects: dams, aqueducts, canals, waterworks, etc.

2. High-speed rail: bridges, tunnels, ballastless track, etc.

3. Industrial and civil buildings: underground structures engineering.

4. Ocean Engineering: Bridge, port, etc.

5. Others: roads, energy engineering, etc.

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