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PP Woven Bag
PP Woven Bag
PP Woven Bag
PP Woven Bag
PP Woven Bag

Introduction of PP Woven Bag

● Product Name: Polypropylene Woven / PP Woven /PP Woven Sack/ Bag,Sand Woven Bag/ Woven Sack/ Sand Bag/ Cement Bag, Agricultural/ Grain / Fertilizer / Fertilizer/ Seed / Sugar / Salt Bag,Cotton / BOPP Laminated / Potatoes/ Flour / Rice Bag.

● Material:100% PP

● Specification:

● Width: 30-140cm or as required by customer

● Length: As required by customer

● Color: White, Yellow, Green, Red or as required by customer

● Production Ability: 200, 000 bag/day

● Color of PP Woven Bag:

Normally white or grey, but able to be made into various customized colors and/or patterns during production, including green, blue, yellow, red, black, or any else as required by customers.

● MOQ :1*20GP.

● Payment: T/T

● Delivery & Payment:

● Delivery Date:1*20GP, within 10 days after receiving payment.

● Characteristics of PP Woven Bag:

Toxics-free and odorless, little harm to human body. It's recyclable and environment-friendly though made from various chemical plastics. Acid-and-alkali-resisting, anti-deformation, well-drained, and can be cut according to actual demand.

● Production Process of PP Woven Bag

PP Woven Bag is made from Polypropylene resin by squeezing and tensioning into flat strips before being weaved and fabricated into bag product.

Composite PP Woven Bag is made from PP Woven Bag composited by casting method.

This series product is made from powder or particulate-shape solid materials and flexible materials. Composite PP woven bag can be divided into 2-in-1 or 3-in-1bag depending on its main composition.

● Applications of PP Woven Bag:


PP woven bag is widely used in package for aquatic products and poultry feeds. Thickness of PP woven bag can be adjusted into pack the rice, grain, flour, sugar, salt and seeds etc, This PP woven can be also used as covering material to protest from the sun, wind or hail in the farm.


Cement, sand, lime, or any other solid chemical materials, etc.

Tourism or Transportation:

PP woven bag can be used as temporary tent, tourist's bag as well as covering materials for transportation and storage to replace heavy and easy-to-get-corrosive cotton cloth, and widely in construction industry as fencing and net enclosure. Typical PP Woven Bags come in the names of logistics bag, packaging bag, transportation bag and so on.


Working, farming, shopping and packing for daily good etc.

Flood prevention disaster prevention:

This PP woven bag can be filled with sands and stones to protest from flood.

Our advantages:

1. Years of producing experience, helps us to obtain state-of-the-art production process.

2. Ability to provide products with various colors and patterns to fit different demands.

3. Additional PE membrane to enhance water-proofing, recyclability, and environment protection.

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