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PP Monofilament Fiber
PP Monofilament Fiber
PP Monofilament Fiber
PP Monofilament Fiber
PP Monofilament Fiber

Introduction of PP Monofilament Fiber

● Product Name:

PP monofilament fiber, polypropylene microfiber,polypropylene engineered fiber,polypropylene concrete reinforcement fiber,polypropylene construction fiber.

● Specification:

Item No.:PP-DS

Package:PP bag or woven bag

Color:Natural white

Length:3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm or customized

Usage:widely used in roads, bridges, underground waterproof project, roofings,walls, pools, basements of the industrial civil construction.

●Instruction of PP monofilament fiber

Polypropylene monofilament fiber is made mainly from Polypropylene into high strength monofilament fiber by unique processing. Refilled into concrete (or mortar), this product can control effectively micro-crack caused by plastic contraction, dry shrinkage and changed temperature and prevent and inhabit occurrence and development of cracks.

●PP monofilament technology data

Material Polypropylene (PP) Type Multifilament / Monfilament
Color Nature white equivalent diameter (um) 25um-50um
Length(mm) 3,6,9,12,15,18,19,36 ,40 Elongation at Break(%) 25%±5%
Tensile Strength(MPA) ≥650 MPA Modulus of elasticity(MPA) ≥5000 MPA
density(g/cm3) 0.91±0.01g/cm3 resistance to Acid ,alkali(powerful keep rate) Strong
Soaked in 5% HCL &NaoH
Solution for 24 hours ,No change in shape.
melting point (℃) 160-170℃ Absorption nil

●PP monofilament usage

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