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Introduction of PP Fire-retardant Carpet

● Product Name: Fire-proof carpet,Fire-retardant carpet,Polypropylene fire-retardant carpet,Exhibition carpet/fair carpet, Nonwoven carpet,Needle punch carpet,Polypropylene carpet,Broadloom carpet.

● Specification:

● Material: flame-retardant polypropylene fiber

● Weight: 250g/m²-500g/m²

● Thickness: 2mm-5mm

● Width: 1m-4m, or as required by customers

● Length: 30m-50m, or as required by customers

● Color: Red, black & red, white, blue (sky blue, dark blue, light blue, sapphire) blue-gray, green (grass green, dark green, apple green), yellow, purple, brown, black, smoky gray, light gray, camel, camel white, coffee, and a variety of mixed colors. The color of the fiber determines the fineness of the effect of the carpet.

● Delivery & Payment:

● Packing: roll, outer PE plastic membrane or woven fabric.

● Delivery Date:1*40HQ, within 7 days after receiving payment.

● Payment: T/T, or L/C if large volume

● Production Ability: 30000㎡/dayy

● MOQ: 1*20HQ

● Description of PP Fire-retardant Carpet:

As the name shows, PP fire-retardant carpet is one kind of carpet with fire-retardant function to prevent from being burnt, made from fire-retardant polypropylene fiber obtained by incorporating high performance fire-retardant into materials used for producing polypropylene staple fiber. This polypropylene fibers with different diameters can be made into plane carpet, stripe carpet, velour carpet or automobile carpet etc to fit for various applications such as exhibition, hotel, hospital etc where pavement is required to be fire-proof.

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