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Fiber Glass Mesh
Fiber Glass Mesh
Fiber Glass Mesh
Fiber Glass Mesh
Fiber Glass Mesh

Introduction of Fiber Glass Mesh

● Product Name:
Fiber glass, Gass mesh, Fiber glass mesh, Alkali-resisting fiber glass mesh, Fiberglass mesh colth.

● Description of Fiber Glass Mesh:

Fiber glass mesh is made by C-glass or E-glass fibers wire woven roving as its basis material, and then treated with Acrylic Acid Copolymer liquid. An ideal construction engineering material, fiberglass wire mesh fabric is mainly used to reinforce cement, plastic, bitumen, plaster, marble, mosaics, roofing, interior and exterior walls, and in other industrial applications.

● Features of Fiber Glass Mesh:

1). Excellent alkaline resistance and corrosion resistance.

2). High tensile strength and impact resistance.

3). Good dimensional stability and deformation resistance.

4). Good adhesion with resins and water resistance.

5). Temperature stability and flame resistance.

6). Soft, flexible and well arranged, simple and easy to apply.

7). Resistance to aging.

8). Durable, versatile and cost-effective.

● Specifications of Fiber Glass Mesh:

Weight: 60 - 350g/m2.

Sizes: 2.5x2.5mm - 10x10mm.

● Main application of Fiber Glass Mesh:

1). Wall material (such as glass fiber wall mesh cloth, GRC panels, EPS internal and external wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc.

2). Reinforced cement products (such as Rome column, flue, etc.).

3). Granite, mosaic tiles, marble back.

4). Waterproof roll roofing waterproof.

5). Reinforced plastics, rubber products of skeleton material.

6). Fire board.

7). Cloth wheel.

8). Highway pavement with a geotechnical grille.

9). Building sealing tape etc.

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