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Introduction of Cement/Sand Woven Bag

● Product Name: Geotextile/Mulch,Weed/Geotextile/Woven Fabric, Horticulture Ground/Ground Cover, Nonwoven Weed Control Fabric,PP/PE Weed Control Fabric, PP/PE Weed Fabric, Composite Geotextile, Weed Control/Weed/Weed Barrier Mat.

● Material:PP or PE

● Specification:

● Color:White, Black or as required by customers.

● MOQ :1*20GP.

● Delivery Date:1*20GP, within 10 days after receiving payment

● Packing:roll, with outer package of woven fabric, or as required by customers

● Length: as required by customers

● Production Ability: 100000㎡/day

● Application of Weed Control Fabric: Applies to agriculture, park, gardening, greenhouse and orchard, etc.

● Delivery & Payment:

● Payment: T/T.

Width: 1m-4m or as required by customers

● Production Process of Weed Control Fabric:

This Weed Control Fabric consists of two layers of geotextiles, (one is Needle-punching Non-woven, the other is PP woven) composited by heating bonding or needle-punch process.

● Description of Weed Control Fabric:

1. Weed Control Fabric, (also known as Weed Control Mat) is mainly used in agriculture and gardening for weeding, by absorbing sun light and reducing photosynthesis to inhabit growth of weeds.

2. Weed Control Fabric, (also known as Weed Control Mat) allows water to penetrate into soil  and reduce evaporation during draught period to maintain humidity of soil, to control the flow of water and air thus to increase humidity of soil.

3. Weed Control Fabric, (also known as Weed Control Mat) creates good environment for growth of plants and increases survival rate of the plant.

● Characteristics of Weed Control Fabric:

1. UV-Resistance

2. Good penetration of water and air

3. This environment-friendly Weed Control Fabric eliminates the use of herbicide

4. Composition of Woven Fabric and Non-woven seems both fashionable and economically durable.

● Functions of Weed Control Fabric:

1. Weed eliminating

2. Strong UV-proofing

3. Humidity-maintaining, to provide soil with expected fertilizer and air

4. Extraordinary penetration of water and air

5. Excellent tenacity and strength

6. Durable, mildew resistance and corrosiveness resisting

7. Light weight to facilitate installation and to follow natural ground profile

8. Suitable for landscape, board and pavement

9. High quality, low price and fashionable design

10. Long service life

● Advantage:

1. Excellent Quality
Advanced manufacturing and inspecting equipments, outstanding production process, sophisticated technique to assure high quality.

2. Cheap Price
Special package, compact and tidy, no messy and loose roll, thus to increase transportation volume and save more cost.

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