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PET Filament Geotextile
PET Filament Geotextile
PET Filament Geotextile
PET Filament Geotextile
PET Filament Geotextile

Introduction of PET Filament Geotextile

● Product Name: Filament spunbond needle punched geotextile/polyester long fiber spunbonded non woven geotextile,Filament Geotextile/continuous filament geotextile,Filament Nonwoven Geotextile,Terylene Nonwoven Geotextile,Filament Spunbond Geotextile,Filament Permeable Geotextile,Permeable Geotextile,Waterproof Geotextile.

● Material: PET

● Specification: 100g-600g/m2

● Width of non-woven fabric: 1m-7m

● Length of non-woven fabric: 50m-150m or as required by customers

● Color: white, black, grey, or as required by customers.

● Delivery & Payment:

● Packing: roll, outer PE membrane, or woven fabric, or as required by customers.

● Delivery Date:1*40 HQ, within 20 days after receiving payment.

● MOQ: 1*40 HQ.

● Payment: T/T.

● Production ability: 10000㎡/day.

● Description of PET Filament Geotextile:

Used in the area of highway, railway, dam, coastal beach and garbage treatment pland for reinforcement, filtration, separation and drainage.

● Applications of PET Filament Geotextile:

Applies to reinforcing, reserved filtration, isolation and drainage for engineering of road, railway, dam, coastal beach, garbage treatment plant.

● Joint Connection:

3 typical joint connections for needle-punched non-woven geotextile: lap joint, welding and suturing.

● Note:

For lapping, lap width should be more than 30cm in a flat ground constructionWhereas lap width should be more than 50cm in a non-flat ground construction.

● Note:

1. Specification is based on mass per unit area, when the actual specification is situated between in the table between the neighbouring specification, interpolation method is used for calculation of index. In the case of any specification beyond the figure above, customization service is available. Customized specification and coating membrane and penetration-proof is also provided to fit for customer's demand.

2. Evaluation Index is negotiated and determined by supplier.

3. Criteria Value is as per design or negotiated.

4. Any change on index above mentioned comes without notice.

● Functions of PP/PET Filament Geotextile:

1. Filtration:

Used as the filtration layer of the dikes, river canal, seacoast, concrete and retaining walls. At the same time of preventing the soil particles from passing, it allows the water and the gas pass through freely.

2. Isolation:

Used as the isolation layer between the subgrade and ballast of the railway;between the pavement surface and foundation soil; between subgrade and groundwork of the airport and parking lo; different dam building material,to isolate sand,stone in different diameter size from subgrade or other buildings.

3. Reinforcing:

Used in engineering of road,railway,earth-rock dam, breakwater,airport, retaining wall backfill soil, slope and etc,to distribute soil body stress,prevent lateral soil movement and increase stability of soil.

4. Protection:

Used to prevent from scouring by wind, wave, tide and/or rain and to protect bank and bottom, to avoid loss of soil and water.

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