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Smart Pot
Smart Pot
Smart Pot
Smart Pot
Smart Pot

Introduction of Smart Pot

● Product Name: Flower pot、 Grow bag, pot Nursery bag , pot ,container、 Smart pot、 Plant bag,pot,container、Potato growing bag, pot、 Tomato growing bag,pot、Hydroponic pot,bag, container、 Tree control bag、Garden pot,bag,container.

● Material:(polypropylene / polyester needle non-woven geotextile)

● Specification:150g-500g/㎡

● Color:Pattern Color, White, Grey, Black, Camel, Green or any preferred by the buyer.

● MOQ :200 PCS for each size , each color .

● Delivery Date:within 15 days after receiving payment

● Packing:carton or woven bag

● Manufacturing Process of Smart Pot:

The Smart pot (non-woven, laminate) comes in the form of cylinder, cone or square or rectangle shape (with or without handles) . It is made of PP/PET(Polypropylene / polyester) Non-woven fabric. This kind of pot varies from 20cm to 250cm for the diameter of bottom , 20 to 60cm for height , 1mm to 1cm for the thickness and 1 gallon to 800 gallon for the volume.

● Advantages for Smart Pot:

This recyclable and durable Smart Pot, which is made from 100% PP needle-punching non woven fabric and laminate through special processing, features light weight, excellent tensile, outstanding ultraviolet-proofing.
On contrast to traditional plastic flower container, this smart pot container seems a cheaper, cost-efficient, durable and non-pollution alternative with excellent drainage and gas-penetration for various plants.

● Application of the Smart Pot:

This Smart pot (tree bag) is widely used in fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, cash crops, garden nursery, desert greening and greening facilities in public places. Different ratio of ingredients and processing will be adopted to fit different customer's demand. And this non-pollution and environment-friendly smart pot container service life varies from 1 to 8 years depending on the acid-based properties of soil and whatever embedded.

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