High Strength Geonet
High Strength Geonet
Introduction of High Strength Geonet

Product Name:
Geonet/ HDPE Geonet/ High Strength Geonet/ Geoweb/ Geo mesh Grounding Net
Plastic Square Grid/ Plastic Safety Fence/ Plastic Safety Barrier/ Plastic safety
Snow Fence/ Safety Fence
Tensile Net/ High Strength Net
Safety Geonet/ Safety Net
Horizontal Network/ Plane Net/ Horizontal Net
Plastic Net/ HDPE Net/ Plastic Geonet
Hexagonal Netting
Erosion Control Nets
Road Surfacing Materials/Civil Engineering Geogrid Mesh/ Geogrid Composite with Geotextile/ Road Construction Geogrid
Construction Material Geogrid
Erosion Control Nets
Plastic Project Net
Greening Geotechnial Nets HDPE
High Strength Geonet/ High Strength Plastic Geonet/ High Strength HDPE Geonet

Specification: CE121, CE131, CE131B, CE151, CE151B
Width: 1-2.5m or as required by customers
Length: as required by customers
Color: Black, green, yellow, blue or as required by customers
Packing: standard packing for export or as required by customers
Delivery Date: 1*20GP, within 10 days after receiving payment
MOQ: 1*20GP
Payment: T/T
Production Ability: 5000㎡/ day

Production process of high strength geonet:
High-strength engineering network, also known as plastic square grid, stretching net, safety net, flat net, is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) adding UV-resistant additives, with anti-aging, corrosion-resistant characteristics, in the shape of square, diamond, hexagonal, etc. Geonet is also called geogrid by some users abroad.

Usage of high strength geonet:
1. In addition to extensive use in hydraulic engineering, risky slope maintenance, soft foundation treatment, road treatment, vertical wall treatment, and other projects, this product can also be used for agriculture and construction. With excellent properties, high strength, good dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, anti-aging (more than15 years), a wide temperature range (-50 ~ +120 ℃), this product is a revolutionary new material for the construction industry.
2. This high strength geonet is mainly used in soft foundation treatment, subgrade reinforcement, slope protection, reinforcement of the abutment, as well as coastal slope protection and reservoir bottom reinforcement and other projects.
3. High strength geonet can be paved in the road slope, to prevent rock from falling which avoid hurts to any person or vehicle; used to warp ballast to prevent loss of ballast and to increase stability of road roadbed; used to reinforce road surface to avert any development of reflection crack; used as a reinforcement material of the retaining wall soil backfill, it can disperse soil stress, avoid lateral displacement and increase stability; and can be made into stone cage to avoid land sliding and protect water and soil from running away in protection of dam and surface of rock.

Types of high strength geonet and applications:
1. CE121 Geonet:
Aside from slope protection, isolation and soft ground treatment, this CE121 Geonet can be used in the protection of the lakeshore, reservoirs, canals, dams, river banks, road slope. Paved onto newly laid topsoil of slope, CE121 geonet prevents erosion caused by wind and runoff, and forms a green stable slope and provides permanent protection when the roots of the grown plant intertwining with this network system.
n addition to preventing dam from loss of soil and water caused by flood during flood season, CE 121 can also be used to avoid damage from runoff in rainy season and frozen snow and ice in the winter.
2.CE131 Geonet:
This CE 131 Geonet can be used to reinforce subgrade by interlocking filled material and grid to form a stable surface to prevent the filled material from sinking, and to disperse vertical load. For poor foundation, reinforcement with multi-layer can be implemented. To reinforce roadbed and dam slope, increase roadbed stability, and reduce occupied land area. It can not only bear heavy loads, but also can prevent roadbed from cracking or landslides, thus to shorten the construction duration.
3. CE131B Geonet:
CE131B Geonet This CE131B geonet is used to reinforce roadbed, by combining grid and pavement materials to effectively disperse and transfer loads to prevent pavement from cracking and to increase road stability.
Both to bear huger loads and avoid cracks caused by frost boiling, thus to reduce paving material consumption and speed up construction.
4. CE151, CE151B Geonet:
In addition to be used in rivers and dams protection, riverbank management, tunneling project and paving of the breakwater diversion dam, CE151/CE151B geonet can also be made into stone cage used for surface protection of dam and rock from erosion and to avoid collapse, rock loose and loss of soil and water; made into rectangular, square or tubular stone cage used for sea/riverbank and hydrographic engineering, with strong flexibility and excellent permeability, to protect them from sea erosion, and to absorb the impact energy from waves without expensive diving work.
Specifications of High Strength Geonet:
High Strength Geonet
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